5 Digital Tools For Your Smart Office

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5 Digital Tools For Your Smart Office

If you are planning to revamp your office space with some digital tools, we have few words of advice for you.



Technology is something that touches every aspect of our life, be it personal or professional. At the professional front, it is even more important to make the best use of technology-rich tools at our disposal to improve productivity and build more engagement. There are many ways in which technology can be adopted at our workplaces; from apps to digital whiteboards to video conferencing solutions. We have it all in the marketplace at competitive prices.

If you are planning to revamp your office space with some digital tools, we have few words of advice for you.

5 Smart Tools for Your Smart Office

Here is the list of digital tools that are in trend for your workplace to transform it into a digital masterpiece.

Interactive Display

Interactive Display is not only an add-on but a must-have for your workplace. You won’t find a single multinational corporation in today’s time that lacks digital whiteboards or Interactive Displays in their meeting rooms, if not everywhere. Interactive Displays are the perfect and much-needed replacement of physical whiteboard, that have been long due.

You can explore a whole new world of collaboration and interactivity with these Interactive Displays in your meeting rooms. For starters, meetings can be more fun and engaging with multimedia-rich presentations, documents, graphs and charts on the display while with the multi-touch capabilities, multiple participants can work and brainstorm on the board together. One can also share their desktop/laptop screen on the display without connecting wires.

Adding to its multi-functional utilities, Interactive Touch Screens are available in different sizes and OS to suit your custom office requirements. Here you can check yours. 


Video Conferencing Cameras

In the times of Covid-19 when Hybrid model of working is being readily adopted by workplaces, Video Conferencing Cameras have become a requisite. In multinational corporations, the global team collaborate from their respective locations making Video Conferencing even more essential. It not only saves time but also cuts down expenses which are otherwise spent on travelling and accommodation of employees.


With the increasing demand, Video Conferencing Software as well as cameras have evolved greatly. In the current market, you can get a myriad of options to explore suiting the specific requirements of your business. Virtual Meeting Software have also been developed in a way to impart a natural feeling of sitting in the same room while being demographically apart.

On the internet, you can explore multiple options of Video Conferencing Cameras, Video Conferencing Software, Webcams, etc. in diverse budget-friendly prices for your small to large sized business.

Interactive Whiteboard

Though Interactive Whiteboard is in-built in Interactive Displays, you can buy them separately as well. For businesses that require a whiteboard only for brainstorming and conferencing session, Interactive Whiteboard or Interactive Boards can work just about fine for them. Interactive Whiteboards are ceramic, projector-based boards that include multi-touch capabilities along with an inbuilt Whiteboard software.


Interactive Whiteboards have lesser functionalities as compared to Interactive Display. They are usually used in environment where only brainstorming and collaboration are required. They also don’t function optimally in too bright environments or when installed on a wall that receives direct sunlight.

Digital Podium/Smart Podium

Digital Podium or Smart Podium can be installed in workplaces that occasionally host a large number of public events for a large audience. They are a perfect replacement of wooden, non-digital podiums that are otherwise used in conference room or seminar halls. Smart Podiums include a stylish, sleek body along with a touch-enabled Interactive Touch Screen on the top.

Smart Podium also includes a powerful computing system to store your important files, presentations and multimedia files to give you easy access to them during a public session. Also, one can easily mirror the interactive touch screen of the podium on an adjoining Interactive Display or Video Wall for a large audience to see.


In short, Smart Podiums let the presenter focus more on the audience and less on their scripts & presentation material. With its inbuilt sound system like microphones and speakers, it serves as a one-stop solution for a large hall, auditorium or meeting room.

Digital Projectors

If you are seeking more portability in your office tools, then Digital Projectors can be the answer. Unlike Interactive Display and Interactive Whiteboard, they can be moved around easily and used simply by plugging it into a power source. With the latest technology, Digital Projectors can project a larger and high quality image on a screen even under bright conditions.


There are a number of options available in the market in various price brackets to suit your office’s unique requirement. DLP Projectors are one of the most preferred installments for offices and meeting rooms as they are budget-friendly, high resolution, low maintenance and easy to use.


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