5 Smart Ways to Use Interactive Display at Office

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5 Smart Ways to Use Interactive Display at Office

Interactive Displays have become an integral part of various sectors including business, offices and corporate organizations. Even healthcare establishments are investing in these touch displays to conduct their daily activities. 



Interactive Displays have become an integral part of various sectors including business, offices and corporate organizations. Even healthcare establishments are investing in these touch displays to conduct their daily activities. Without any doubt, it is one of the most adapted digital technology in the recent times with promised results and benefits.

Interactive Displays have revolutionized the way we conduct meetings, communicate, brainstorm and ideate in a typical workplace setting. If you have used one in your office, you would know how essential a tool it can be for your day-to-day work-related activities.

Interactive Displays have been used in offices to:

  • Conduct meetings in a conference room.
  • To ideate and brainstorm roadmaps.
  • Communicate with people working remotely over a video call.
  • Enhance visitor’s experience at an office lobby.
  • Carry out in-house training sessions.
  • Induction sessions of new employees.

how interactive displays are used in office

Effective Ways to Use Interactive Display at Office

Here are some simple ways in which you can expand the application of an Interactive Touch Display at office and get something even more useful out of it.

1. Build a Dashboard

An Interactive Display can also double up as an effective Dashboard for office bays to display important information, database and schedules to let you monitor your business by tracking its progress in real-time. Displaying data and information generated by each department in real-time improves transparency between teams, which further boosts cooperation internally.

interactive display dashboard

Furthermore, highly visible data allows everyone to align their tasks and responsibilities on the basis of priorities. It builds a culture that empowers employees to take part in key decisions by giving them access to information in real-time

2. Prepare Scrum Boards

Scrum Boards are an innovative way to communicate with team members. It is a dynamic board that is rearranged everyday and bears the tasks that need to be done. It increases productivity by collaborating in real-time. In a large office space, multiple Interactive Displays can be deployed and teams can brainstorm over it from any location. Scrum Boards on Interactive Displays are another way to reduce exchange of papers, thereby cutting cost of several kilos of paper every year.

interactive touch screen scrumboard

Any Scrum Board application can be uploaded on an Interactive Display in office. It gives project visibility to the office and saves the time of team managers which is otherwise spend on daily briefings and communicating

3. Use Interactive Display for Wayfinding

In large corporate offices, wayfinding can be a huge task for visitors and clients. Therefore, to make wayfinding less tedious, Digital Wayfinders on Interactive Display can be used to pinpoint users towards their current location and display the map of the premises. It saves time and helps them navigate through the building easily without looking for cues from office staff. Digital Wayfinder is not only popular in shopping malls and retail stores, but also in large corporate setting and headquarters. Installing Interactive Touch Display in lobby areas is an innovative and cost-effective way to direct people to the right place without requiring manual intervention.

wayfinding on interactive touch panel

4. Collaborate Using Interactive Display

Interactive Touch Screens play a major role to encourage collaboration, whether its between teammates or clients. Corporate organizations are now looking at interdisciplinary approach to generate new ideas, and that’s where Interactive Touch Display come into play. In such environment, the inbuilt Interactive Whiteboard can be an extremely useful tool to aid collaboration.

collaboration on interactive display

While meetings used to be a one-way activity with the hackneyed physical whiteboard setup, Interactive Whiteboard can boost team productivity, make participants more eager and willing to participate and increase the overall value of a meeting. One can install Interactive Touch Display in meeting rooms and huddle rooms to give wings to their ideas and give participant a sense of responsibility.

5. Conduct Video Conferencing

Interactive Touch Screens or Interactive Flat Panel Displays can also be used for conducting Video Conferencing Sessions. Earlier, video conferencing used to take place on participants’ individual laptops or desktops which can limit the way a team interacts with each other. With Interactive Touch Display, one can use the Video Conferencing Solution to conduct online meetings with a team sitting at the far end. Most of the IFPDs are user-friendly and allow downloading Video Conferencing Apps to conduct video calls on the display itself. Some IFPDs like Globus Interactive Display also come with a designated space to mount Video Conferencing Camera, doubling up as a powerful Video Conferencing Solution.

interactive display for video conferencing

If you are looking for investing in an Interactive Display or an Interactive Panel for your office, there are a number of brands that you can consider. Here are some top brands for Interactive Flat Panel Displays in India.

If you think we have missed any prominent Interactive Display brand, let us know in the comment section.


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