Best Digital Boards in India

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Best Digital Boards in India

We have listed down the 10 best Digital Boards in India that are affordable, feature-rich and easy to use.



Digital Boards are no less than a blessing for teachers and students in today’s world. Chalk and blackboard model of education holds no longer beneficial for students of this digital age. Their attention span is short and therefore, it is harder for teachers to retain their attention for a long time. In the traditional physical blackboard method, their minds often wander from one thought to another.

To make learning engaging and learners involved with learner, educators have come up with the idea of incorporating technology into education. As a result, smart classroom came into existence. A typical smart classroom includes tools like Digital Board, Smart Board, Interactive Board, Language Lab, Tablet Learning Solution, etc. to make learning a rather fun-based activity.

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If you are planning to include Digital Board in your instructional practice, we have the work done for you. In this list, we have listed down the 10 best Digital Boards in India that are affordable, feature-rich and easy to use.

LG Interactive Digital Board

LG Interactive Board is one of the most premium and high-end Interactive Smart Board in the market. It works on the advanced P-Cap technology for life-like writing experience. The pen thickness of the stylus adapts to your writing speed and supports up to 40 points multi-touch. Users can easily integrate their laptops, PC and smartphones and even share their documents on the LG Interactive Digital Board wirelessly.


SoftLogic Smart Interactive Digital Board  

SoftLogic Smart Interactive Whiteboard or Digital Board is a Plug & Play solution that is user-friendly for teachers to deliver interactive and engaging lessons in classroom. It is equipped with a range of smart features to elevate classroom environment in the most effective manner. The board is made up of metallic frame with ceramic coating that is scratch-resistant and provides a smooth writing surface. The Digital Board also allows teachers to record the session on the whiteboard to create a learning repository for students.

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Globus Digital Boards

Globus Infocom is one of the leading providers of Digital Boards in India. Their Digital Board is one of the most comprehensive Smart Classroom Solutions present in Indian education market. The solution includes an Ultra HD Interactive Display, Cabinet, Mini PC, Visualizer, Wireless Keyboard and Mouse along with pre-installed Digital Content for K-12. Globus Digital Board is a complete Smart Classroom Solution in itself that provides a holistic learning experience for students.

Globus provides one of the most comprehensive smart classroom solutions in the industry, that include software, hardware along with the necessary infrastructure. Globus Digital Board is a wholesome smart classroom solution that includes components like Interactive Display, Cabinet, Mini PC, Visualizer, Multimedia Controller and a Biometric Attendance Device.

globus digital board

Smart Tech Smart Board

Smart Tech is also one of the most renowned brands for Digital Boards or Smart Boards for classroom. They provide Smart Boards in Ultra HD resolution with multi-touch of up to 20 points, Advanced IR technology along with a free interactive software. Smart Tech Smart Boards boast of an intuitive interface that requires minimal time for teachers to get acquainted with it. It comes with an inbuilt Android OS with personalized tools for teachers as per the K-12 curriculum. With its Live Annotation feature, teachers can annotate on anything including YouTube videos, presentations, documents, images, animations, etc. without switching to any special mode.


BenQ 4K UHD Smart Board

BenQ 4K UHD Interactive Display doubles up as a multi-faceted Smart Board for the most interactive smart classroom experience. With its in-built digital whiteboard and collaboration tools like EZWrite, wireless screen mirroring and wireless screen casting app, InstaShare, BenQ 4K UHD Interactive Display is one of the most sought after Smart Classroom Solutions for educational institutes. Aided by its user-friendly interface, it brings a truly collaborative and inclusive learning experience to classrooms. Its ultimate whiteboard app is designed to facilitate collaborative learning in classroom with the feature to support multimedia files like images, PDFs, presentations, videos and audios on the whiteboard itself.


With everything moving in the forward trajectory, education cannot be left behind. Technological advancements have paved way for even more innovations in our existing instructional practices to make learning a rather fun-based process. Smart Boards or Digital Boards are one such innovation that has led to complete evolution of classroom environment.

Many educational institutes in India have invest in Digital Boards and have reported mammoth changes in their teaching methodology. Schools have reported reduced absenteeism, more engagement among students and better retention of information among students. This has further substantiated that inculcation of Smart Classroom Technology in Education is the only way forward for making learning not an obligatory but an enjoyable task.  


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