Best Smart Class Tools for your School or College

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Best Smart Class Tools for your School or College


Smart Class is no longer a luxury in schools around the world. Digital whiteboard, projector, digital podium, etc. are an indispensable part of a smart class. One cannot imagine a smart class without a smart board hung on the wall in front of the students, a projector mounted on the wall to display pictures and a podium for the teacher to begin lectures at. These days, the Digital Whiteboards or say Interactive Boards have replaced the traditional blackboards and green boards in schools, colleges, and universities. The reason is obvious; blackboards had become increasingly monotonous over the past few years. A traditional podium has been replaced with a digital podium and notebooks with smart tablets.

With the advancement of technology, children are exposed to modern gadgets right from a very young age. Information fed to them in the form of handwritten text scribbled over a blackboard no longer excites them. Hence, the need for smart classrooms and smarter education methods arose. If you’re planning to install a smart classroom in your institution, it’s obvious that you’ve got puzzled seeing so many brands listed on Google. In this blog, you will see the best and highest-selling Digital smart classroom tools in India.

Samsung Flip for Smart Class

Samsung launched another model in its wide range of interactive whiteboard, called Flip. The USP of this smartboard is that the stylus gives the feeling of writing on a whiteboard with a market. It comes with features like document collaboration, annotation and searching. Unlike other digital whiteboards, Samsung Flip can be pivoted vertically as well as horizontally depending upon the need of the teacher.

Google Jamboard

Google Jamboard lies on the expensive end of the whiteboard range. It uses Google applications and is lighter in weight as compared to the contemporaries. It works on a Full HD 4K resolution giving bright and crisp image quality. You can use Google apps like Docs, Sheets, Drive, etc on the board and the data will be saved directly on the Cloud.

Globus Infocom Digital Teaching Solution

Globus offers a combined Digital Whiteboard along with a traditional green board. The ceramic board is vandal-proof and comes with a lock and key mechanism. It uses an Interactive Short Throw Projector to convert the ceramic board into a digital one. It is pocket-friendly and sturdier as compared to other such products in the market. And not only this, Globus also offers a Language Lab solution for the students to learn a new language.

It operates on the model of Listen Speak Learn Write, which is totally different from our traditional methods of language training. Globus also provides with course material as per the requirements of the customer, which gives them an edge over their peers. You can also ask for a Visualizer (Document Viewer) to project documents on the whiteboard.

Microsoft Surface Hub

The US-based tech giant Microsoft also manufactures smart boards or Digital Whiteboards. It is a bit pricier and heavier as compared to other Interactive Whiteboards available in the market. There is also a size limitation in the models that are currently available. It comes in two sizes 55-inches and 84-inches. It supports Microsoft applications like MS Office Suite, OneNote, Skype and other business apps available on Microsoft store.

Cisco Webex Board for Smart Class

This digital whiteboard is somewhat similar to Google Jamboard and is available at the same price. It can run the applications and files when plugged in with your smartphone, unlike Jamboard. They come in three sizes namely, 55-inches, 70-inches, and 85-inches. But there is one important thing to note, you need to buy a monthly subscription to use the Cisco Webex Board. There are a number of customizable packages depending upon your budget and requirement.

Globus Interactive Flat Panel Display

Globus offers an Interactive Flat Panel Display that has in-built Whiteboard application to be doubled up as a Digital Whiteboard. They are available in a number of sizes depending upon the size of your room. Apart from the whiteboard, there are several other features that add quality to this hot-selling product. You can play multimedia files like videos, movies, and images directly from your smartphone using USB input sources.

Globus Smart Class Solution: Interactive Flat Panel Display with Digital Podium

For a classroom way ahead of its time, Globus provides a smart class solution with not only an Interactive Panel Display but also a Digital Podium. For the uninitiated, a Digital Podium is nothing but a smarter and digitalized version of a conventional podium. It is fitted with a touch-enabled LED screen which is completely adjustable. One can also connect their laptop or smartphone to the podium for better access to information. The contents of the podium screen can be displayed on the Interactive Flat Panel Display which comes with features like annotation, screen capture, digital whiteboard, internet, Google search etc.

The audio system of 20 W speakers conveys information in a medium to large hall easily. This combination of Digital Podium along with an Interactive Flat Panel is no less than blessing for the educational institutes. It can also be used to conduct seminars and conferences in a large room full of people. There are a number of sizes available in the Flat Panel Display as per the audience size.


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