Why smart classroom is not a luxury but necessity

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Why smart classroom is not a luxury but necessity


Our lifestyle, clothes, food, mannerism, etc everything changes to match ourselves with the fast-paced environment. Then how can education be overlooked in terms of advancement? Many schools and colleges in India have invested in smart classroom and other digital tools for their organization but surprisingly, not all of them have switched to digital. Say it due to a reluctance to invest in modern technology or sheer unawareness; a number of institutes are still operating majorly on the traditional chalk and board model. Not saying that the conventional blackboard teaching method is totally unfruitful, but imagine what results it can yield when coupled with the weapons of education technology.

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There are several reasons which further cements the fact that smart classroom and modern education technology are a sure-shot result-yielding approach towards education. The basic reason behind turning digital is that kids these days are exposed to digital equipment like smartphone and tablets from a very young age. The black and white colour of the chalk and board method of teaching no longer engages them. While it’s hard to bring them back to the conventional approaches, it’s better to modernize education.
Here are some of the reasons why the digitalization of classrooms is the need of the hour

Smart classroom makes students sharper and smarter

Children are sure to grow up and work in firms which will be packed with modern technology. Then why shouldn’t we start young? Even the studies say that most of the people are under-qualified to use modern technology at their workplaces. Smart classrooms help children be familiar with modern technology tools. Also, with the help of education technology, students will be able to choose their field of interest themselves. Children with curious minds can explore the unlimited source of information on the internet and find their answers.

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Better communication of information with the help of pictures and videos

A human brain is designed in a manner that it remembers things in a better way when they see or experience them. A lecture that stretches for hours can leave below-expectation impacts on the minds of children. Also, there are some subjects which are better learned in a practical way. Biology, Chemistry, Physics are such subjects that are best explained with the help of videos or diagrams. Smart classroom, thus, gets more student engagement.

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Transparency between parents, students, and teachers

The pen and paper method might create a distance between the parents and their kids. They are not able to gauge their kids’ progress and are not able to interact with the teachers on a regular basis. But with the help of modern Learning Management System and smart classrooms, even the parents can take an interest in their kids’ inclinations in terms of academics.

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Better student engagement with smart classroom

Students will no longer drag their feet to school if education becomes a fun exercise. Ideally, students should never dread education in the first place. But sadly, due to the traditional mundane teaching methods, children develop boredom towards the curriculum. Hence, a firm step has to be taken by the teachers and management to ensure that students engage in studies just like they do in their other day-to-day activities. With the help of smart classrooms, they can get an education while engaging in fun activities, videos, and multimedia. Online quizzes and games also let children enhance their cognitive skills without boredom.

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The reduced environmental cost of education

Assignments done on paper usually find their way to the dustbins sooner or later. This way, we’re only increasing our carbon footprint in an already damaged world. With the help of smart classrooms and the use of tablets, we can reduce our dependence on papers, thus reducing the environmental cost.

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