Hand Sanitizer Kiosk during Covid-19: What is it? How it helps?

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Hand Sanitizer Kiosk during Covid-19: What is it? How it helps?

Digital Signage Kiosk with an inbuilt Sanitizer dispenser is also becoming common. It is commonly known as Hand Sanitizer Kiosk.



Covid-19 crisis has prompted authorities and technology-driven companies to come up with innovative measures to combat the contagion. Some companies like DailyObjects, Globus Infocom, Pristyn Care, etc have devised UV Disinfection Lamp and Box to decontaminate usable things like keys, masks, smartphones as well as entire room. Among many things, Digital Signage Kiosk with an inbuilt Sanitizer dispenser is also becoming common. It is commonly known as Hand Sanitizer Kiosk. The device is becoming increasingly popular at workplaces, railway stations, airports to increase awareness about hand hygiene.

In this blog post, Tecfuturenow has explained in detail what Hand Sanitizer Kiosk is and how it works.

What is a Hand Sanitizer Kiosk?

Hand Sanitizer Kiosk is Vertical Signage Display fitted with an automatic sanitizer dispenser. The display is capable of running any content as per user’s requirements, encouraging people to sanitize their hands frequently. The major purpose of Hand Sanitizer Kiosk to promote hand hygiene among people to prevent cross-contamination of Covid-19. Certain organizations can even sponsor for such Kiosks to display their advertisement on the display while providing a medium to people to sanitize their hands.

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How does Hand Sanitizer Kiosk help?

Hand Sanitizer Kiosk is the next logical thing in today’s times. The traffic is drawn towards the Kiosk for its aesthetics and the fact that it is providing free hand sanitizer to everyone. While sanitizing their hand, people get ample of time to read the advertisement that runs over the screen given above the sanitizer dispenser. The visual communications displayed on the Kiosk are eye-catchy and demand immediate attention from the passerby at heavily crowded places like shopping malls, hospitals, medical facilities, educational institutes, etc.

There is a psychological fact behind the designing of Hand Sanitizer Kiosk. With its pleasing aesthetics, it draws attention of people. Freebies always attracts crowd. Providing free hand sanitizer brings people near the kiosk to sanitize their hand.

Types of Hand Sanitizer Kiosks

There are many types of Hand Sanitizer Kiosks including:

  • Floor Standing Hand Sanitizer Kiosk

Floor Standing Kiosks are more convenient and freely-moving type of Hand Sanitizer Kiosk. They can be moved around a place depending upon the traffic the place receives. During the non-peak hours, the Kiosk can also be moved away from the place and secured in a cabinet or so.

  • Wall Mounted Hand Sanitizer Kiosk

Wall Mounted Hand Sanitizer Kiosk is fixed type of Kiosks. It is mounted on a wall securely and is fixed at that position. It cannot be moved around or placed somewhere else.  

Hardware Details of Hand Sanitizer Kiosk

Most of the Hand Sanitizer Kiosk provided by Novisign, Globus Infocom, SeePoint, etc. have the following hardware configurations:

  • Remote Content Management via Software
  • Internal Sanitizer Dispenser
  • Easy to refill Sanitizer
  • Built in Android Media Player
  • Full HD Display

To change the content scrolling on the display, you just need the Digital Signage Software on a computer and the signage needs to be connected to the internet. With the help of the Signage Software, users would be able to edit, create and push new content on the Hand Sanitizer Kiosk.

Users can have a full control of the display with features like Vertical Mode/Horizontal Mode/Full Screen Mode/Split Mode.


If you are seeking a good Hand Sanitizer Kiosk for your business or personal use, you can prefer any of the following renowned brands including Novisign, Globus Infocom, Eyefactive, Tierney, etc. Among these brands, Globus Infocom is a Make in India brand that manufactures entire products in India itself at their own manufacturing facility. The company has been in the business for the past two decades with experience in Educational Technology, Digital Signage and Security & Surveillance. Recently, they forayed into Healthcare and Wellness Vertical as well with demands flooding in from multiple state-run healthcare units and corporate organizations of the country.


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