How to create a Healthy Relationship with Technology

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How to create a Healthy Relationship with Technology


How to create a Healthy Relationship with Technology

Technology has added significant improvements to the lives of people around the world. It has processed a host of changes in education, policy, and practice as well as created new patterns of empowerment and engagement. The usual engagement rate with technology has been increasing rapidly. If we analyze the current situation. Technology usage has been increased steeply with remote work in workplaces, continuous meetings, webinars, even in schools the online classes have turned technology into an essential part of our everyday life. Recent crises due to pandemics have also intensified the involvement of technology in different sectors majorly in education.

Technology usage and impacts     

In the recent crises, technology has kept people sane & safe with its connectivity & reach and also enhanced productivity & mental wellbeing. Staying indoors & maintaining social distancing would have harmed the mental wellbeing of people on another level had technology not been available to keep people engaged and at ease. Similarly, children shifted their studies from classrooms to online spaces and continued the learning in a safe indoor environment. But, now in such an uncertain environment, the growing screen time is also taking a toll on everyone’s health. Technology usage fall under two categories, one is the working usage & another is entertainment usage. Scrolling mindlessly on social media platforms or getting engrossed in online games does consume time & energy. Also, when you are working online, the missing social interaction of offline spaces & prolonged working hours put pressure on the mental wellbeing of a person.

Since technology is here to stay essentially, we need to figure out ways to maintain a healthy & constructive relationship with the technology. Leading Edtech brands are trying to create a safe solution to reduce the impact of continuous technology usage for students. Most of the Top Edtech brands are coming up with hybrid learning solutions which can work in favour of a safe yet engaging learning experience for kids.

Creating Healthy relations with Technology

Creating a healthy relationship with technology needs a deliberate approach to how we spend our screen time. One needs to optimize screen time by creating productive digital habits which protect us from the ill effects of consuming mindless digital content.

Steps in the creation of healthy relations with technology

       Here are five major steps in the creation of healthy relations with technology

  1. Distance from toxicity


While using technology the daily toxicity the online world exhibits should be avoided. The online space is not filtered and has all kinds of content accessible to everyone. We need to choose mindfully what content can add value to our being. Even with children, it’s advised to supervise the content they consume & keep a tab with the filters available on the internet. Even in schools, the e-content is designed in such a way that it offers safe, engaging & interactive learning material to the kids. Leading Edtech companies are offering digital content which are curated in such a way that it not only keeps the learner engage but also gives them productive & useful knowledge to learn better.


  1. All about better tech habits

Responsible tech habits signify that one could follow healthy tech consumption as routine. People working remotely could schedule their online calls & meetings for a planned and limited tech exposure. Using screen for the longer time duration is exposing kids to many health problems such as eye strain, poor posture, less physical activities, headaches etc. Parents need to enforce healthy technology usage limits with screen and devices and ensure that kids should be under vigilance when using technology.


  1. Train your child


The concept of online learning has instilled technology usage as habit in children. It has become so handy that even child start their day with mobile in their hand. The need is to make them learn appropriate behavior towards digital ecosystem. Especially when it comes to kids, their brains are wired to respond to stimuli which thanks to the growing screen exposure and multiple content options has resulted in a shorter attention span and shorter focus. Here, it is important to realize that the mind of children is still developing and the right usage of technology can give them the right direction but over usage can also be harmful for their baby brains.


  1. Awareness among users


By creating awareness among users especially the young generations we can prove technological indulgence to be fruitful. Acknowledgment of use of technology in an efficient manner by being responsible could create a safe space for youtn. The latest renovations in technology practiced by different EdTech industry leaders to improvise safe usage prevents security breaches in schools’ management and is helping to create a technological association in undamaged shape. By practicing good password management and account security, maintaining, and protecting strong passwords, and not giving access to their accounts to other people safeguard the collateral violations.



Winding up,


Technology is now not a part of life, but it is the new normal, where people for are highly dependent on tech. Where socialization through online mode is more practiced than to face to face interactions. While meetings were held in conference rooms earlier, today’s meetings app has replaced it saving time and money. Mostly due to the recent crisis of pandemic; companies, schools, and government institutions are practicing work from home as a course of action to continue the normal work routine. By not letting it turn from boon to bane industrial leaders along with Government are trying to incorporate high safety measures & awareness so that technology could not be misused in any case.

Edtech industry leaders like Globus Infocom  incorporate high safety standards in their education solutions like Learn on Tab, Digital Board Solution, and Virtual Classroom S where Children will only be limited to the use of educative content and not be distracted by any improper content available online. Leading EdTech solution providers like Globus Infocom have been working on a safe & productive edtech environment for learners where they focus not only on engaging e-learning through technological solutions, but it is practiced on one of the safest online platform to prevent any technology misusage.

To sum it up, Technology is driving the growth in our country but we must understand the right practices & policies to enjoy the maximum benefits out of it.


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