Improving company culture: A workplace where everybody belongs

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Improving company culture: A workplace where everybody belongs


· What defines a Workplace?

· How to create sense of belonging in workplace?

· Real life examples of EdTech companies opting the above strategies?

· Wrapping up

WORK SOME PLACE AMAZING!!! yes you read it right. The work we do gives us purpose, identifies us, makes us grow, makes us who we are. But to experience self-growth, we must work where our presence is recognized and appreciated.

“We sincerely appreciate all your hard work and dedication” is what every hardworking employee would want to listen from their seniors and that is what every and each company are trying to develop as their ethos to appreciate and reward their employees making it as one of the best strategies for their as well as companies’ growth. Now a days Edtech has been the most trending industry and with increased influx of work due to the pandemic, the work culture also gets evolved. Let’s have a look at how leading edtech brands are creating nurturing yet productive work environment.

What defines a Workplace:

An organization is the set of values, beliefs, and strength that its people share with each other. Most importantly, a positive workplace environment improves coordination amongst its employees. Therefore, it is important that some strategies be adopted to create belongingness within the people to make workplace a happy place.

How to Create sense of belonging in workplace:

With added pressure of bringing in something new as offering Edtech companies now a days are focusing on creating a positive culture in workplace to improve teamwork, boost morale and increases efficiency. Its responsibility of both employees as well as the organization to create sense of inclusion amongst people in workplace. Every now a then we see a new edtech brand coming into picture & with so many opportunities in this industry, employee retention has become a problem in edtech brands. Leading edtech companies focus on small initiatives & steps to make their employees feel valued and appreciated. The secret to a happy workplace as decoded by edtech brands have been to give care, guidance & importance to the human assets of the organization & show them the path of their growth. That’s how they could feel as a part of the organizations.

Let us discuss the points through which one can create sense of association with the organization:

· To celebrate efforts- With this, employee will have healthy competitions which will help growing teamwork.

· Create diverse workplace- Irrespective of caste, creed, color, and gender everybody must be respected. Based on strength and uniqueness person from different places must be hired making it diversified.

· Emotional wellness program- Encourage people to follow their passion, practice yoga, and meditation for mental well-being.

· Ask employee for feedback- Asking for review is mutual beneficial task where both employees as well as organization is benefitted.

· To attract talent- There is need to create a work culture worth embracing the new talent by encouraging & providing opportunities to develop skills.

Real life examples of EdTech solution providers opting the above strategies:

Many EdTech brands with their work helping both organizations and their employees to grow simultaneously.

Kahoot— With the mission to accelerate transformations and evolving the way teaching and learning have been this Edtech brand drives itself by the rule of accelerating growth of people by believing in openness, alignment & innovation.

Remind — Remind holds a strong position in providing innovative display solutions for classrooms. They believe in a closely knitted team structure providing opportunities for their employees to expand their horizon.

Globus Infocom — One of the most trusted names as Education technology brand providing comprehensive solution for both classroom and online learning. Recently certified as “Great Place to Work”, it has added feather on the cap. This certification allows tons of benefits increasing companies proud putting programs and policies at the forefront. Being leading EdTech solution providers, it is promoting learning with the innovative solutions keeping people at first.

Coursera — Being Global EdTech leaders this EdTech company given online learning its way now being widely accepted. Also, the organization is making its employees appreciate their work, enhancing their self-worth

GoGuardian— Leaders in Digital Education one of the best content creator in field of education benefitting students with no boundation of geography. Giving opportunity to common people by generating employment rate this online platform easily accepted warm-heartedly by Teachers, Students, Parents and their employees themselves.

Wrapping up,

Workplace should be that where everybody loves to stretch their hours of working with their interest and not being pressurized for their work. Motivation for employee is what led to increasing work productivity. With recent boom in investment in education sectors, EdTech companies in India are providing their employee acquire new skills making them for competitive in market leading to advancement in their career.


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