In what ways can EdTech Industry help in boosting India's literacy rate?

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In what ways can EdTech Industry help in boosting India's literacy rate?


In what ways can EdTech Industry help in boosting India's literacy rate?


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What is the literacy rate in India?

What are the challenges in the growth of the literacy rate?

In what ways are EdTech companies boosting India’s literacy rate?

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Why literacy in any country is important? Nobody needs an answer to that since without education life is just a body without a soul. Education provides you the way to live, it enhances your standard of living, ensures your status in society, and above all one develops intellectual growth which therefore can be used for the development of oneself as well as the whole civilization.

To get an answer to the question of how the EdTech company is boosting India’s literacy rate give this blog a reading. Seeking educational development several leading EdTech brands with their innovative solutions are trying to bring change to the education system of India.

What defines literacy?

Defined by UNESCO, it is the percentage of the population of a given age group that can read and write. The adult literacy rate corresponds to ages 15 and above, the youth literacy rate to ages 15 to 24, and the elderly to ages 65 and above.

Effective primary education shows the existence of a higher literacy rate. In achieving growth in literacy role of teachers has always been appreciated as being the guiding force in students’ life. Being the main contributor to education today role of teachers has been enhanced by the amalgamation of technologies in the classroom impacting the growth in Literacy by using digital skills.

Earlier India had an education system that only defined traditional pedagogy methods based on rote learning without keeping pace with the rapid evolutions happening around the world affecting personal, professional & national development. Leading EdTech brands like Samsung, ViewSonic, Globus Infocom Limited, and Extramarks, etc had been working on bringing the desired changes in the pedagogical practices & education curriculum through the implementation of technology in the classrooms.

But post-pandemic tables have turned. Today, EdTech solution providers have been driving the growth of the education industry with the best educational resources & well-designed curriculum creating a mix of academic with practical skills on the platter.

What are major challenges in the way of the growing rate of literacy?

  • Lack of infrastructure- The infrastructure provides the base for education. Proper seating arrangement, education technology brands, and the established necessary classroom tools for making the classroom engaging. There has been an improper ratio between schools in rural areas and urban areas giving rise to illiteracy.
  • Digital Divide between urban and rural areas- The rural areas which lack digital infrastructure are left behind with all the benefits availed by urban students Thus digital illiteracy rate is high here, due to a lack of equipment compared to urban areas creating a major gap.
  • Age-old learning practices among students- One of the major challenges in the way of educating children would be a lack of clarity while studying. Children while in the primary class need to be attentive to grab the subject therefore experimental learning is being given more preferences and which can be ensured with interactive tools of education technology brands.
  • A deficit of teachers- Lack of availability of teachers in the schools impacts quality education, depleting students' academic growth. EdTech companies in India providing inbuilt k-12 content, digital tools, and virtual classroom solutions are encouraging the teachers’ participation in the classroom and ensuring a base for learning by making learners independent.


In what ways are EdTech solution providers can boost India’s literacy rate

There can be many ways through which the EdTech solution providers can boost India’s literacy rates. With the fascinating feature provided by education technology brands learning turns into fun learning. The easily understandable concepts through digital tools create an engaging and accessible learning environment.

EdTech solution providers with complete improvisation are being accepted widely by several institutes, schools, teachers, and students by addressing the above challenges. By providing a complete solution for classroom education technology brands are converting the classroom enabling the absolute and extensive adoption of digital tools in the classes.  By ensuring active learning, encouraging experimental learning, and embracing quality education the EdTech solution providers are effectively coping up with the above challenges.

Here are some measures through which the leading EdTech brands are creating engaging learning to impart educational values in society.

  • By Increasing the pace of digitization- The digitization of the classroom has resulted in a more collaborative, participating & practical form of learning. This will encourage learners to come to classrooms & be a part of it.
  • By bridging the digital divide between rural and urban areas- Technology has proven to grow the accessibility among the students of rural areas. There were initiatives taken by the government along with the EdTech solution providers to enhance two-way learning.   
  • Emphasizing specialized and individual learning- Specialized learning here signifies the learning with specially enhanced tools provided through EdTech solution providers which encourages individual-based learning. K-12 content is the proper guideline for both teachers as well as students. Also, EdTech solution providers come up with customized solutions based on consumers’ demands.

The gamification of the concept creates a medium for students to have better attentiveness allowing them to develop scientific temperament and enhance individual skills.

  • Enhancing language skills- Emphasizing multilingualism the education technology brands have helped in the promotion of regional languages by incorporating language lab in the classroom. Learning different languages prepare students to be internationally competitive ensuring potential development in their career.
  • Developing digital skills among students- Education technology providers have huge potential to have digital platforms to improve the accessibility of quality technical skilled education. Education technology companies can be a game-changing transition to incorporate multi-dimensional learning. To impart and upgrade skills through education technology brands teachers are relying on technical education giving rise to the digital skills of students.
  • Increasing efficiencies of teachers- Leading EdTech brands like Globus Infocom Limited, Next Education, etc. enhance the best use of teachers’ time with training making them handy with classroom technology. Teachers can easily manage, guide & engage learners with the best of the resources available.
  • Establishing analytical skills – Through scientific learning one develops critical thinking and Leading EdTech brands are revolutionizing that. Technology can support the development, innovation, and excellence of future skills which will surely enhance the employability of today’s learners.

Summing up.

The Constitution of India recognizes the importance of education for all ensuring proper and effective implementation of educational rights in the country. Although it is said that education does not require tools to be supported for a child who wants to study but everybody will agree to this that the EdTech solution provides space for learners to make education easy to grab. Education technology providers with several specifications ensure effective and engaging learning in the classrooms becoming one of the mediums for rising educational values amongst students its now necessary to create it as an important task out of many to bring the only solution to all the problems- THE EDUCATION.


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