Interactive Displays: Smart Boards for Classroom in India

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Interactive Displays: Smart Boards for Classroom in India

An Interactive Display is a touch-enabled Smart Board that can be mounted on walls to conduct smart classroom sessions, make visual presentations, control on-screen data through various functions.



Interactive Displays are becoming increasingly popular in education establishments like schools, colleges, universities, training institutes and even for corporate meetings in conference rooms, etc. These Interactive Displays for schools have successfully replaced physical whiteboards and blackboards in educational establishments and corporate offices for good. Available in a number of sizes, these Interactive Digital Displays help business and educational professionals leverage the power of technology to scale up their communications and boost collaboration in their respective spaces.

History of Interactive Displays

Interactive Displays have been gaining popularity in schools and offices since the early 1990s, however, it wasn’t until now that they become affordable and scalable. Previously, Interactive Projectors or Digital Projectors were used to give presenters the ability to share their laptop/PC screens on a larger display in a classroom or boardroom.


However, with more technological advancements, Interactive Displays came into play which required lesser hassles of a bulky setup. Interactive Touch Screen Display creates more room of opportunities for teachers and presenters to share information with a large group of people easily.

Before we move to the highlighting features of Interactive Displays in details, read about what these Interactive Smart Board really are.

What is an Interactive Display? – Definition

An Interactive Display is a touch-enabled Smart Board that can be mounted on walls to conduct smart classroom sessions, make visual presentations, control on-screen data through various functions. Interactive LCD panels are available in a large variety of sizes, suiting the display requirements of any small to large size of classroom, meeting room, conference room, board room, lecture room, etc.

What are the features of Interactive Displays?

Interactive Displays are laced with useful features like Interactive Whiteboard, in-built Video Conferencing, Cloud Storage, Artificial Intelligence, Screen Recording, Screen Mirroring, Multi-Touch, Immersive Sound, etc. Some features of Interactive Whiteboard are given below:

Interactive Whiteboard

Digital Whiteboard feature of Interactive Board combines the superb interactivity with multi-touch support along with enterprise-level security with myriad of features like highlighter pen, multiple pen colours, page management, live polls, etc. to enhance the way a lecture, meeting, conference, etc. takes place in your organization. The whiteboard also involves cloud-based portability and live annotation to increase collaboration in a classroom/boardroom/lecturer room, etc. With the help of QR code sharing, one can easily share files from their personal devices like laptop, PC and smartphone.

Content Sharing

Most of the Interactive Displays these days come with content sharing facilities like wireless screen sharing, multi-screen casting, etc. All devices including iOS, Mac, Android, Windows, Chrome with the help of its multiple connecting ports on the front panel like USB 3.0, USB 2.0, VGA, HDMI, etc. Multi-screen casting option allows multiple users to show their screens on the display simultaneously.

Multi-Touch Support

Most of the Interactive Displays sport Capacitive or Infrared Touch technology with multi-touch support. It provides a smooth, ultra-natural and life-like writing experience on the display with 20 point touch or more. With the help of this feature, multiple users can write simultaneously on the display of the Interactive Board. Some Interactive Displays like Globus Interactive Displays, LG Interactive Board, Samsung Flip come with dual-tip pen support to write using different colours or thickness with the same pen itself.

Viewing Comfort

To ensure comfort and safety of students and participants of meetings during the long hours of lecture or meeting, many Digital Smart Board come with TUV certification, which implies that the product has been tested for safety and meets the requirements of the German Equipment and Product Safety Act. Furthermore, the flicker-free display provides more comfortable viewing and minimal strain on eyes during long hours of usage.

Screen Recording

This is one of the features that differentiate a Smartboard for Classroom in India from a traditional blackboard. With the help of screen recording in Interactive Display, students and teachers can access previous lecture at a later date or time. It also saves paper since students don’t have to make mounds of paper to keep a note of lessons taught. Teachers can record, replay, save and play the lessons anytime they want.

Access to Internet

To aid smart classroom lessons, Interactive Whiteboard have access to the internet. With just one click, teachers can Google search anything and support the lessons. They can drag any sort of educational content available on the World Wide Web, play it on the whiteboard and even annotate on its using different colours of pens at the same time. The content can be played, paused and zoomed in real time.

Endless Pages in Interactive Board

There is no limit to the number of pages a teacher can use on the Interactive Whiteboard. They can create endless pages to write on without erasing the old pages during the classroom session. It allows uninterrupted and smooth teaching. It creates a reliable repository of classroom sessions that can be stored on its internal storage, external storage device or on cloud.

Finger Gestures in IFPD

The Smart Touch Panels come equipped with finger gestures feature that allows you to access many functions via gestures itself. Additionally, users can pre-configure or customize finger gestures for a seamless operation of the IFPD. With Globus Interactive Display, users can erase using their 5 fingers, touch and hold on the screen to select the pen colour, etc.

Web Browser Access on Interactive Board

The Interactive Displays come equipped with an in-built web browser to access internet with just a click. There’s no need to connect a computer to access an internet browser, giving teachers endless opportunity to outsource information to aid their classroom lessons.

Android Operating System in Smart Boards

Globus Interactive Display comes with dual Operating Systems of Android and Windows for added convenience. The built-in Android OS enables users to install all types of apps that are available on Google Play Store. The home screen can also be customized as per user’s choice. 

What are the uses of Interactive Displays?

There are multiple ways in which an Interactive Display can be used in a school, office, organization, college or training institute. Below are the uses of an Interactive Smart Boards:

  1. Interactive Displays can be used to conduct presentations in offices, colleges or universities.
  2. Smart Boards can be used in classrooms in schools to build student engagement and conduct smart class sessions.
  3. Interactive Panels can be used in meeting rooms, conference rooms, or board rooms to boost collaborations.
  4. In Skill Development Institutes, Interactive Flat Panel Displays can be used to conduct virtual or physical trainings.


Major Players in Interactive Displays Market

There are many brands including some Make in India brands of Interactive Displays that are key players in this market. However, the major market players in Interactive Smart Board include Samsung Electronics (Samsung Flip), LG Interactive Displays, Viewsonic’s Viewboard, Globus Infocom (Globus Interactive Display), Planar, Leyard, Panasonic, BenQ, Sharp, NEC Corporation, Horizon Display, Crystal Display System, etc.

Samsung Electronics  - Samsung Flip

Samsung, which is one of the leading electronics companies in the world, has one of the widest ranges of Interactive Displays. The South Korea-based company markets the range of Interactive Smart Board by the name of Samsung Flip, which is capable of being rotated by 90 degrees in both portrait and landscape mode.


LG Multi Touch Screen Digital Display

LG is also one of the key players in the field of touch screen panels for school and office. It supports multi-touch technology with seamless IR Touch and zero deaf points. With an inbuilt web browser, it supports instant multi-directional communication and interactive learning. The touch screen board can be deployed in both school and office to boost collaboration and engagement.


Viewsonic’s MyViewBoard

Viewsonic’s MyViewBoard is one of the most premium and feature-rich Interactive Displays in the market. Equipped with the ultimate digital whiteboard solution, it comes with features like content sharing, wireless mirroring, multi-touch support, etc. for better presentations, classroom sessions, brainstorming and decision-making in places like schools, colleges, universities, training institutes, offices, etc. The UI/UX of the MyViewBoard is simplified and organized enough to be used by teachers and presenters without requiring any prior training.


Globus Interactive Display

Globus Infocom is a leading Make in India brand based in Noida that deals in some of the most comprehensive and feature-rich education technology solutions and products. Interactive Display is their flagship product in the display and education technology solutions. Globus Interactive Display features multi-touch support, wireless screen sharing, in-built digital whiteboard, in-built web browser, artificial intelligence pen, dual pen support, etc.

globus interactive display

Planar Touch Screen Display Solutions

Planar is also one of the leading market players in terms of display solutions. It deals in vibrant, touch screen displays with capacitive touch technology. Planar’s display solutions range include Planar LED MultiTouch, Clarity Matrix MultiTouch, Planar Huddle Board, Planar UltraRes Touch, Planar QE Touch, etc. for corporate and educational purpose.

 Planar display solutions


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