Top 8 Best Thermal Cameras for COVID -19 Screening in 2020

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Top 8 Best Thermal Cameras for COVID -19 Screening in 2020

Thermal cameras are imaging cameras that render Infrared radiations emitted by objects as visible light. It is useful in detecting elevated body temperature in individuals passing through a particular point. 



Top 8 Best Thermal Cameras for Covid-19 Screening in 2020

With no vaccine or cure in sight, it is sure that Covid-19 is here to stay. To keep the spread of disease in check, thermal cameras are playing a great role in organizations, offices, public places, shopping malls, airports, etc. For the uninitiated, thermal cameras are imaging cameras that render Infrared radiations emitted by objects as visible light. It is useful in detecting elevated body temperature in individuals passing through a particular point. Hence, these thermal imaging cameras are installed at the entrance of organization.

To make an informed decision, it is important to know which are the top 10 best thermal cameras for Covid-19 screening.

1.       FLIR One Gen 3

If you want a thermal imaging camera for iOS and Android, FLIR One Gen 3 can be the best for you. It has a resolution of 80x60 pixels with a sensitivity range of -20 degrees to 120 degrees. The ergonomic structure of the camera makes it easier to hold in one hand. It can be connected easily to the smartphone via phone connector. FLIR One Gen 3 is priced reasonably for enterprise as well as individual use. There is a ruggedized Pro model which has a higher resolution of 160x120.

FLIR One Gen 3

2.       Globus Infocom Human Body Detection Camera

Globus Infocom who has been a leading provider in the field of Education Technology, Digital Signage and Security & Surveillance, has forayed into Healthcare and Wellness as well, of late. They have launched a wide range of thermal imaging and other healthcare-related products that including Thermal Body Temperature Detection Cameras as well. The cameras are clubbed with their smart, AI-based GVMS software that relies on machine learning to keep social distancing in place, ensure hygiene practices by public and isolate people with fever. Their cameras are interoperable with any video analytics software and can be used in multiple numbers to create an elaborate solution. It is one of the cameras that offer very high resolution thermal imaging.

globus thermal camera

3.       Seek Thermal CompactPro

This sleek, aesthetically-pleasing camera doesn’t require batteries to function. It can be connected to smartphones via mini USB or iOS lightning cable. Seek Thermal Cameras are high resolution thermal cameras wit manual focus for extended range. With the help of adjustable focus, the camera can be set on objects as far as 550 metres from the camera.

seek thermal compact pro

4.       FLIR C-Series

FLIR creates some of the best and portable thermal cameras in the industry. The C-Series camera is a rugged, high resolution device with portable form factor. The battery life of this model is better than the contemporaries. The C-Series cameras have both optical as well IR cameras allowing users to take advantage

FLIR C-Series

5.       Seek Thermal RevealPro

Seek Thermal RevealPro is a high resolution thermal imaging camera with a battery backup of up to 4 hours. It has high refresh rate and an inbuilt flashlight for night viewing. It however, doesn’t capture video. This camera is best for flexible and portable thermal imaging. To add ruggedness to this high-end device, Seek provides a Corning Gorilla Glass protection to safeguard the device against vandalism.

seek thermal camera

6.       FLIR TG267

For spot measurement of temperature, FLIR TG267 is the most preferred one. It features a laser and continuous scanning along with IR thermometer to provide dual functionality of a thermometer and a thermal imaging camera. The ergonomic grip makes it comfortable to hold it in hand and use it as an IR Thermometer or Thermal Imaging Camera. There is a 2.4 inch coloured LCD display lets you read the measurements correctly.

FLIR Thermal Camera

7.       Parrot Anafi Thermal

It is an advanced Thermal Imaging Solution which also comes with collision detection features, identification of people for search and rescue. For added functionality, it includes a drone. Some of the other features include 4K HDR camera, 3X zoom, 180 degree Tilt Gimbal, 26 minutes flight time, autonomous flights and USB-C mobile charging.

Parrot Anafi Thermal

8.       Staqu

A Make in India brand Staqu has launched a new thermal camera along with AI-based video analytics platform called Jarvis. The system is aimed to alert the authorities if anyone with a fever enters a premise. It analyses the heat signature directly coming from the body and further inspects them for fever. The camera is said to have a range of up to 100 meters which is sufficient for a large space.

Staqu Gurgaon Based Company


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