Virtual Classroom – All You Need to Know About Globus Online Learning Solution

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Virtual Classroom – All You Need to Know About Globus Online Learning Solution

Virtual Classroom is an online education solution for schools, colleges, universities to conduct online classes, distance education between demographically distant students and teachers.



Virtual Classroom is an online education solution for schools, colleges, universities to conduct online classes, distance education between demographically distant students and teachers. With the help of Virtual Classroom Solution, students and teachers can share content, interact, communicate, engage and collaborate. The learning resources can be shared among a large group in one online setting. The online classes take place through a video conferencing system with the help of internet. Globus Virtual Classroom solution is one such comprehensive educational tool that helps students and teachers to conduct online classes without having to be in one place together.

Virtual Classroom Solution helps people interact via internet even when they are not present at the same place together. It creates a learning environment like a life-like classroom. Most of the higher education institutes use this education technology solution for holding guest lectures, distance education programmes, online learning, etc.

How does Virtual Classroom work?

To understand Virtual Classroom, you will first need to understand video conferencing. A video conferencing which involves data sharing, collaboration, interaction for educational purpose is known as Virtual Classroom. The teacher can write on the digital whiteboard and even share it with the enrolled students in his class. The teacher’s system requires a video conferencing camera, wireless mic-cum-speaker, digital display (optional). The teacher can use the traditional whiteboard as well and share it using the video conferencing camera. However, collaboration is not possible in this case. The students can enrol to the class using their laptop, PC, tablet, smartphone or iPad. They can interact with the teacher in the form of text messages or audio-visually.

In Globus Online Classroom there are many features like whiteboard sharing, hand raise for asking queries, private chat box, sharing multimedia content, etc to make online learning experience like a real classroom.

What are the advantages of Virtual Classroom?

Online Classroom Solutions like Globus Virtual Classroom and Learning Management System comes with multiple of benefits. The major benefit of online learning is making education accessible for all the people around the world irrespective of their geographical location, social status, etc. Virtual Classroom makes learning possible between isolated teachers and students. However, this is just a tip of an iceberg. There are countless other benefits associated with Globus Virtual Classroom solution, some of which are mentioned below:

  • Students are free to explore even the courses which are not available in their geography.
  • Virtual Classroom makes learning more interactive and engaging. It holds students’ attention longer than the traditional methods.
  • To study in a Globus Learning Management System Classroom is easier since the students and teachers are not bound to be at a place at a particular point. They can organize a class right from their laptop or PC. Similarly, students can access the class from their mobile devices easily. They can choose the environment of their choice to learn.
  • As far as courses are concerned, students can learn at their own pace. With the help of Globus Virtual Classroom, they can learn anytime they want. Even the working population can take time out of their busy schedule and enrol in a Virtual Classroom.
  • It is easier to maintain the learning material at one place in case of Globus Virtual Classroom. The students can simply login to the online portal and access the course material. This rules out the chances of notes being displaced at the last moment before examinations.
  • With the help of Virtual Classroom, the knowledge retention is much greater. On Virtual Classroom, teachers can share multimedia files like video, presentations, images, etc to make learning more engaging. Courses can be broken into small and interactive modules to make learning less of a burden.
  • Students can give feedback immediately to the teachers and the latter on the other hand can make necessary changes if required to make their course material more engaging. Similarly, students can give a test and get the results immediately via internet. The access of Learning Management System can also be given to parents so that they can monitor the academic growth of their child.

How do you create a virtual classroom?

Creating a Live Class in Globus Virtual Classroom Solution is very convenient. You just have to go the online learning portal called In the right panel, you will find an option called ‘Live Classes’. Go to the section and create a class. You can enrol as many students in your class and even assign a time limit to it.


How do you use the Virtual Classroom App?

Using Globus Virtual Classroom app is very easy. In fact, Globus Infocom uses a web-based portal for conducting E-Classroom. You can just type on your web browser and log in using your User ID and password. The portal is self-suggestive with options like course modules, create live class, online classroom, tests, subjects, etc.


What is virtual teaching?

Virtual Teaching is a teaching process in which students and teachers are geographically isolated from each other. The teacher imparts lessons using the Online Classroom or Video Conferencing. There is a Learning Management System, that helps teachers and students manage the course modules, test papers, assignments, progress report online.

How do I take online video classes?

It is very easy to take online video classes. You can enrol on the Learning Management System online and log in using your credentials. There you can find Live Classes and enrol yourself or just ask the teacher to enrol you in the class. In case of paid classes, pay the fees through secure gateway like Google Pay, Paytm, Debit Card, etc and access the class on a designated time. You can record the entire session for future use as well.

What is live virtual classroom?

An online class which is taking place on Online Classroom platform and has students enrolled on it is known as Live Classroom. In Globus Virtual Classroom software, you will find the live online classes under the ‘Live Classes’ section.

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What is a digital classroom?

A Digital Classroom is a learning space that is digitally-equipped with education technology tools like Digital Smart Board, Digital Board, Interactive Board, Projector, Smart Classroom Solution, Language Lab or Interactive Whiteboard. Globus Infocom is one such EdTech brands in India that deals in Smart Classroom Solutions for Schools, Colleges, Coaching Institutes, Universities, etc.

How much does Virtual Classroom cost?

The cost of E-Classrooom depends on the type of hardware you want. In case you only need a Video Conferencing Camera and a LMS Software, the cost will be much lesser for you as compared to those who need the entire solution.


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