Online Education: Is it a boon or bane?

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Online Education: Is it a boon or bane?


With everything going online, education has also taken to the online medium. Hectic jobs and schedules leave people little or no time to invest on their own. Hence, online education or virtual classroom has emerged as a messiah for such people. Even for the people who are grappling with physical and financial restraints, online education is a boon. Thankfully, many companies are offering online classes solutions to the educational institutions and the latter are also investing in it. Brands like ReadyTalk, Adobe Connect, Electa Live and Globus Infocom are offering affordable and reliable online classes solutions. But nothing in this world is free of its own fair share of pros and cons. Before you enroll yourself for an online education course, make sure you’re thorough about both the pros and cons of online education. Before we move to cons, let’s read how virtual classrooms have been benefitting millions these days.

Pros of Online Education or Virtual Classroom

Online Classes are self-paced

You no longer have to free yourself at a certain time to attend the classes. Most of the online classes are self-paced. The course module is uploaded and it’s up to the student how to manage his learning. This way, a person can always juggle between his job and education. One doesn’t need to quit their job if they want to pursue higher education, courtesy virtual classrooms. This also means that you don’t have to rush with the curriculum as you have to do with the conventional method of teaching.

online education is self paced

Virtual classroom eliminates the demographic barrier

You don’t have to live away from your family to take an education. Many people are obligated to live with their parents due to health concerns or other personal reasons. Online education is a perfect method to continue their studies. This way they won’t have to leave their hometown physically to attend the classes. Thus, demographic barriers are a non-issue in the case of virtual classrooms. In a similar way, it benefits the teachers who cannot leave their demographic regions to give classes. With the help of online training, a single teacher can cater to many students sitting in different corners of the globe.

online classes remove demographic barriers

Online education is a boon for both teachers and students

There are certain scenarios where a student or teacher cannot take up the classes physically. Say it due to demographic barriers or financial, some people are not able to attend the conventional form of classes. Hence, virtual classrooms can be of great help to both teachers and students. They just have to log in to their laptop and access the virtual classroom software to begin the class.

online education helpful for both students and teachers

Online classes are cost-effective

There are some renowned universities that invite lecturers and teachers for conducting online classes. This way, they can save money that is usually spent on travel and accommodation of the guest lecturer. As far as the students are concerned, they can also enroll themselves in a number of online courses organized by some of the prestigious colleges in the country.

online education are cost effective

You can continue your studies amid financial restraints

Taking sabbaticals for higher education is no longer a thing now. In fact, people often work simultaneously while taking online courses. This way they can pay for their own courses without relying on student loans and other means.
Nothing in this world is perfect. It applies to online education as well. There are some misgivings of virtual classrooms which you should consider before enrolling yourself into one. Here are some of them to list a few.

Financial constraints

Cons of Online Classes

Less socializing and interaction

In a virtual classroom setting, you will be sitting in the vicinity of your home which means you will not have any classmates to interact with. Although, there are ways through which you can talk to other students enrolled in a similar course with the help of forum discussion. Some of the online classes solutions also offer the facility of group discussions as well.

social interaction is limited in online education

You need access to good technology for online education

The existing technology like laptop/ tablet you have might not be compatible with the online courses you’re taking up. So, you are advised to look carefully at the technical requirements of the course before buying it. However, there are a number of technology-friendly online classes solution that can be accessed on your smartphone as well.

online classes needs access to technology

You can miss out on a college experience

If you have already graduated from a college with a full-time degree then you must have had your share of the college experience. But for those who have never been to a real university or college, they can miss out on this experience if they opt for online education. However, there is a bigger picture to this which you cannot ignore. With the help of online classes, you can interact with students from different parts of the world, getting a gist of how their learning environment is.

online classes

There are cons to everything, even to the conventional education system. It’s up to an individual how he’s going to perceive and tackle it.


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