Wired or Wireless Earphones: Which One Should I Buy?

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Wired or Wireless Earphones: Which One Should I Buy?

Buying a wired or a wireless earphone depends completely on your choice. If you want a better sound quality, wired is there for you. 



If you are planning to buy a pair of earphones for yourself, you must be stuck between wireless and wired option. With wireless earphones being much in vogue these days, it is hard to decide which one would be better for your requirements. Even in wireless there are plenty of options like wireless earphones and ear pods (or truly wireless earphones). While these earphones look much convenient to use since they don’t involve cable work, there can be many downsides to them as well.

Also, you buying choice also depend on the type of use you want to have with your earphones. Are you a music lover or you want the earphones to receive calls? Some people can make do with the wired ones while others want to stay updated with the technology and buy the wireless ones. In this blog, we have tried to solve your dilemma and help you make an informed buying decision. Also, you should know that there is a massive price difference between a wired earphone and a wireless earphone. So, whichever you choose, make sure that you REALLY need them above the other.

Here are several factors that you need to considered while choosing between a wireless earphone and wired earphone.

1. Sound Quality

With our first-hand experience, we will let you know this very clearly that the wired earphones or headphones have better sound quality than the wireless ones. Even the die-hard music lovers still rely on the age-old wired sound technique only. It is true that Bluetooth-based earphones can handle less information as compared to a wired one. The wireless technology is still evolving so we might see an improvement in their audio quality in the near future. The wireless earphones or AirPods which have commendable audio quality are very pricey and can burn a hole in your pocket.

 2. Freedom from Cables

It is true that Wireless Earphones kind of liberate you from the hassles of cable and wires. How many times have you ripped off your earphones by accidentally entangling wires in a door handle or table? Wireless earphones can be used with utmost freedom where you don’t have to worry about your wire getting pulled or teared. This is one advantage that pushes many people in buying a wireless sound device.

3.  Battery Life

While the wireless earphones are easy to use because of no cable hassles, their battery backup is never too good. Even though many brands claim 12 hour battery backup, they seldom last any longer. Imagine what a turn off it could be when you connect your wireless earphones to listen to your favourite music only to find them out of battery? Running out of battery in the middle of nowhere is very infuriating. Wired earphones come with the advantages that they can be used anytime and anywhere.

4. Future Proof Choice

With so many new iPhone models being launched without the standard 3.5 mm earphone jack, wired earphones are going to be obsolete in the near future. Thus, it is important to make a future-proof choice and avoid putting your money in something that would be useless in the coming years. If you plan to listen to music on your phone, then wired accessories can be out of use in future. On the other hand, if you want to use your headphones or earphones on tablets, PC or laptops, then you are safe. Wired connection will still be in option for you in the near future.



Buying a wired or a wireless earphone depends completely on your choice. If you want a better sound quality, wired is there for you. But if you put convenience over other things in case of sound devices, wireless earphones could be a better option. If you have a budget restraint, we would advise you to buy a wired earphone only since the budget wireless earphones have poor battery life and low quality sound.


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